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The world of work involves several and diverse interacting members, teams and organisations. The global economy is expanding and requires competencies that include effectively interacting with people from many linguistic and cultural backgrounds. Different groups of people participate in decision-making (stakeholders, customers, suppliers, etc.) and the scope of a particular decision, process and structures within and between organisations are in many cases of a global nature. A wider exchange of information and knowledge sharing is required and better coordination of activities must be undertaken. This course will be a weekly workshop where trainees will take on various roles and be a part of different teams working on projects and case studies using a problem-based approach. The focus will be the development of skills and dispositions that promote teamwork, collaboration and pluralism.


Want to gain software testing skills to start a career or are you a software developer looking to improve your unit testing skills? This course, part of the Software Testing and Verification MicroMasters program, will provide the essential skills you need for success. 

The software needs to be tested for bugs and to ensure the product meets the requirements and produces the desired results. Software testing is essential to providing a quality product. 

Learn the techniques Software Testers and Quality Assurance Engineers use every day, which can be applied to any programming language and testing software.

No previous programming knowledge needed. This course will use Java and JUnit, however, for examples and assignments.


Welcome to How to Code: Complex Data - the second course in the UBCx Software Development MicroMasters. In this course, you will build on what you learned in How to Code: Simple Data to work with more complex data and control structures. The final project in this course is one that even experienced developers would find challenging!


Welcome to How to Code: Simple Data - the first course in the UBCx Software Development MicroMasters. In this course, you will begin to learn how experts read and write programs in terms of higher-level design structures. You will learn a systematic program design method and use it to write programs of increasing complexity. Thanks for signing up, we hope that you will enjoy the course and find it rewarding!

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